Name – Summary title: Maria Murphy 

Age: 25 

Profession: Student and Activist  

Education: Is currently doing a PhD on Gender Violence in Latin America  

Family: Her parents live in Galway with her younger brother.Her mother is Argentinian. She has lived in Dublin since 2014, when she moved to begin her third level education. 

Hobbies: She likes to keep in touch with her Argentinian roots and reads and watches a lot of contemporary Argentine books and films. She was very active during the referendum campaigns for the pro-choice side and is a member of feminist groups. 

Work Experience: Her undergraduate degree was in journalism, and she completed an internship with the Irish Times before beginning her postgraduate studies. Other than that, she has worked part time jobs in the service industry. As part of her PhD she teaches tutorials at the university. 

Personality: She is very driven and passionate about her research and her teaching. It is possible that she may be able to translate this documentary herself but due to her many commitments she simply doesn’t have time. 

Why do they need? How will they use your translation?: She wants to show the documentary to a tutor group she has but is aware they do not have fluent Spanish and will need subtitles to fully understand. She wants to bring the issue of abortion in her home country to a wider audience and is considering putting on a screening at the university, perhaps to coincide with the official legalization of abortion in Ireland. Aware of the effect that personal stories had on Irish voters in the 2018 Referendum to legalize abortion, she thinks this documentary – based on personal stories – will make the issues in Argentina more palpable and understandable to both her students and the public.