Acronym for “Asociación por los Derechos de Las Mujeres” or association for women’s rights. It is active in San Luis. Facebook page:–NGO-/ADEM-Integrante-de-la-Campa%C3%B1a-por-el-aborto-legal-seguro-y-gratuito-150628185016291/ Website:  


literally translates to secrecy, or hidden or underground in the context of a movement.  


is the female plural of the noun formed from clandestinidad. I left Clandestinas the way it was in the translation, because there isn’t a proper equivalent in the English language, but also I find that it implies its own meaning quite well. Clandestinas relates to the English clandestine, which is an adjective meaning “secret or concealed, often for illicit reasons, furtive” ( In a South American context, it also refers to illegal or undocumented migrants. By calling themselves Clandestinas, they are taking agency. A corresponding English word that denotes all of that cannot be found.  

Codigo Penal

The laws in Argentina. The articles in full relating to abortion (85-88) can be found here: . The laws pertaining to abortion are found under the sections “Delitos contra las personas” – or crimes against people. Abortion is illegal except in cases where a woman’s life is in danger, if the pregnancy is the result of rape, or if the woman has special needs. The punishment can range from one to fifteen years imprisonment. Both the practitioners and the women can be jailed.  


This is a pregnancy test that is commonly used in Argentina